• Third Grade Robust Vocabulary Words:  Theme 5

    Lesson 21

    Antarctic Ice


    conserved – If something is rare and important, it should be conserved, or kept carefully.


    strict – If you are stern and demand obedience, you are strict.


    harsh – If something is hard to stand up to, like a blizzard, it is harsh.


    bleak – If something is cold and gloomy, it is bleak.


    absence – An absence means that something or someone is not present.


    shelters – Something that shelters you protects you and keeps you safe.


    permanently – If something stays one way forever, it stays that way permanently.


    drifts – When something drifts, it moves along without direction.


    scarce – Something is scarce if there is not much of it to be found.


    dim – It is dim when there is not much light.

    Lesson 22

    Bat Loves The Night


    blanketed – If an area is blanketed in fog or snow, it is covered.


    surroundings – The area around you is your surroundings.


    plummet – If you drop suddenly from a great height, you plummet.


    inverted – Something that is turned upside-down or inside-out is inverted.


    nocturnal – An animal that is nocturnal sleeps during the day and is active at night.


    effort – When you work hard, you use effort.


    dozes – Someone who dozes takes short naps.


    swoops- When something swoops, it dives or dips downward.


    detail – A detail is a small piece of information that is part of a larger whole.


    fluttering – When something moves through the air lightly and quickly, it is fluttering.

    Lesson 23

    Chestnut Cove


    eagerly – If you are waiting eagerly for something, you are excited or anxious for it to happen.


    transferred – If you transferred something, you moved it from one place to another.


    contented – If you are contented, you are happy with the way things are.


    collaborate- If you are going to work with others on a project, you are planning to collaborate with them.


    fondness – If you like something very much, you have a fondness for it.


    emotion – An emotion is a feeling, such as happiness.


    ridiculous- Something that is very silly is ridiculous.


    disgraceful- If something is disgraceful, it is shocking and not acceptable.


    decent – Someone who is decent is good and fair.


    inherit – When you inherit something, you have been given something by someone who used to own it.

    Lesson 24

    Ramona Quimby, Age 8


    individually – If you speak to your friends one at a time, you speak to them individually.


    affordable – If you have enough money to buy something, that thing is affordable.


    presentation – If you describe or perform something in front of a group of people, you are putting on a presentation.


    effective – When you get the result you want, then your actions have been effective.


    clutter – If a place such as your desk or your room has clutter, it is messy and full of things you do not really need.


    mentioned – If you mentioned something, you talked about it briefly.


    beckoned – If you beckoned to someone, you used your hand to signal him or her to come to you.


    flustered – If something flustered you, it made you forget what you were saying or doing.


    remark- A remark is something that is said about something.


    visible – When something is visible, you can see it.

    Lesson 25

    The Robodogs of Greenville


    require – Something that is required is needed.


    functional – Something that serves as a purpose is functional.


    inhabitant – The people or animals that in a certain place are the inhabitants of

    that place.


    amazement – Amazement is a feeling of great wonder and surprise.


    ample- A amount that is ample is enough or more than is needed.


    responsibility – A responsibility is something you are expected to do.


    futuristic – A futuristic story tells how things might be in the future.


    realistic – A book that is realistic describes things as they really are.


    confused – A confused person is mixed up.


    shifting – If air is shifting, it is moving or changing.


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