Mini-Course Day
    October 19, 2018
    Mini-Course Day is meant to provide students with experiences of an exploratory and educational nature.  It is a day for students to explore activities that could become a lifelong interest or hobby.  Students  choose from available activities and register for up to four different courses during the day.  Online scheduling will begin for 8th grade on September 27th during morning homeroom.  7th grade students can schedule beginning October 1st and 6th grade students schedule Wednesday, October 3rd.  Please note these important points:
    • Students may choose only ONE off campus course (field trip)
    • Students cannot sign up for a course for more than ONE session (unless it requires a double session)
    • Some courses have a fee or a need to purchase materials.  This is noted in the catalog.
    • When scheduling, you MUST follow the directions or you may not be assigned the courses of your choice!
    Click on the link below to view the 2018 course offerings.
    8th Grade Scheduling - Closed

    7th Grade Scheduling - Closed

     6th Grade Scheduling - Closed

    All Grades - Scheduling - LAST CALL 



    Please direct any questions or concerns to Jen Smoller

     UPDATE COMPLETE 10/2/18