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    Tamara Turner

    412-348-1470 ext. 24070
    Email: tturner@northallegheny.org

    Melissa Johnston

    412-348-1470 ext. 24071
    Email: mjohnston@northallegheny.org

    Barbara Cook
    Library Secretary

    412-348-1470 ext. 24072
    Email: bcook@northallegheny.org


    The IMS Middle School Library provides students and staff access to over 11,000 items. A variety of subscription databases such as the Culturegrams, Britannica, Noodlebib Online Citation, Student Resource Center, and World Book Encyclopedia, are available through our computer search stations. These resources are also available for use at home by clicking on Online Resources at Home. The library catalog, IMS Destiny, is available online at school and from any Internet connected device outside of school. You can find IMS Destiny, and other links to all of our IMS Library Resources, on the left hand panel of this webpage.

    Our library staff supports the integration of information literacy and technology skills across the curriculum. In collaboration with subject area educators, integrated units of study are developed and delivered that support and extend the subject area curriculum. Another key focus is the development of student literacy, connecting students to quality literature through author visits, book talks, discussion groups, genre lessons, and various reading incentive programs such as Accelerated Reader. Each middle school has a full time librarian as well as a full time library secretary.