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    Name:  Mr. McCrea
    Grade(s): 8
    Room Number(s):  106
    Subject(s):  Math
    Building Phone: 412 348-1470
    Class(es)/Course(s):  Algebra I, Honors Geometry, Honors Algebra II
    Biography: Allegheny College
     Grading Policy:  *grades are computed by points (total points earned/total points possible)
                               *grades are calculated from:
                                   -tests and quizes (approx. 70% - 80% of grade)
                                   -homework (approx. 10% - 20% of grade)
                                   -participation (approx. 5% - 10% of grade)
    Extra Help:   *before school 7:40-8:00
                         *Activity periods - twice per week.
                         *Big Ideas Math .com 
                         *Classzone.com - remember to click on high school math
                         *Khan Academy
Last Modified on September 6, 2016