• Welcome to 1D!

    Don't forget to be AWESOME!!!

Welcome to 1D!

  • Name: Mrs. Jennifer Selepack
    Email: jselepack@northallegheny.org
    Hosack Elementary: (412) 366-9664       
    Grade:  First           Section:  1D
    Room Number: 10
    Subjects:  Reading, Writing, Spelling, Math,Social Studies, Science
    Welcome to 1D! I am delighted to have you in my 1D class this year!  
    Please bring these supplies with you on the first day of school:
    box of tissues
    2 boxes of good pencils (#2)
    2 or 3 good erasers
    two 2-pocket folders
    earbuds or headphones for iPad use
    1 box of colored pencils
    stylus pen for iPad use (dollar store kind work fine)
    You may label all of your things with your name. =)