• Activities and Organizations

    NASH offers a wide variety of clubs and activities to provide additional learning activities beyond the regular school day. Involvement in clubs and activities foster leadership skills, develop communication skills, and create a strong social network where students can explore areas of specific interest.  Please contact the club sponsor listed below for more information.

    If you have additional questions or you would like to start a new club, please see Dr. Kreider in the Main Office or email him at jkreider@northallegheny.org

    Clubs/Activities Listings

    Fencing Club  



    Actors’ Society

    Mrs. Joyce Harrell & Mr. Joe Truesdell

    Air Force J.R.O.T.C. and Drill Team

    Major Kolar

    AMC 12 Club

    Mrs. Sharon Volpe

    Asian Culture Club

    Mr. Andy Maddix

    Astronomy Club

    Mr. Wayne Bugel

    Bands Mr. Todd Stefan

    Best Buddies

    Ms. Melinda Beck & Mrs. Rachel Tengowski

    Bluegrass Music Club Mr. Jason Mohr
    Chemistry Club Mr. Chris Omasits
    Choirs Mr. David Schmiech

    Computer Club

    Ms. Laura Prosser

    Creek Connections

    Mrs. Amy Baschnagel

    Cultural Communications Alliance

    Mrs. Kylene Stroud


    Mrs. Joanne Sullivan

    Dungeons & Dragons Club

    Mr. Rhinehart

    Environmental Club (ECO Club)

    Mrs. Kathy Will

    Fall Play

    Mr. Joe Truesdell

    Fall Play Stage Crew

    Mr. Kevin Zebley


    Mr. Chris Sestili

     Fencing Club

    Mrs. Diane Feliciani

    French Club

    Ms. Kylene Stroud

    German Club

    Mrs. Josie Brudnok

    Girl Up NA

    Mrs. Walters

    Global Leadership Certificate Club

    Mrs. Kathy Will

    Golden Strolling Strings

    Mrs. Sarah Lavelle

    Grandview Mentors

    Mrs. Janellen Lombardi

    GSA (Gay Straight Alliance)

    Mr. Dave West

    Health Occupations Students of America

    Mrs. Jill Spak

    Humanity Club Ms. Elaine Peters
    Indoor Percussion Mr. Evan Brown


    Mrs. Janellen Lombardi

    Investment Club

    Mrs. Cindy Lang

    Italian Club

    Mr. Domenico DiBacco

    Jazz Ensemble 1,2,3, and 4

    Mr. Todd Stefan and Stephen Baldanzi

    Jewish Cultural Club

    Mrs. Darrah Rhinehart

    Junior Class Advisors

    Mr. Jon Clemmer & Mrs. Kristy Loeffert

    Junior Classical League (Latin Club)

    Mrs. Connie Ramsey and Mr. Ryan Moore

    Key Club

    Mrs. Heather Winters


    Mrs. Kristy Loeffert

    Kids of America

     Mr. Mark Venezia

    Marching Band

    Mr. Todd Stefan and Stephen Baldanzi

    Math Club

    Mrs. Sharon Volpe

    Math Team

    Mrs. Chris Ruffolo

    Mock Trial Team

    Mrs. Joelle Keats & Mrs. Shannon Perry

    Model UN

    Mrs. Cris Ruffolo

    Moosik Club

    Mr. David Schmiech and Mr. Stephen Baldanzi

    Multicultural Student Union

    Mr. Bill Bishop


    Mr. Robert Tozier

    NA Fashion Club/FCCLA

    Mrs. Elizabeth Gallagher & Ms. Diane Kriznik

    NA Outreach Club

    Mrs. Dana Miller

    NASH Library Book Club

    Ms. Laura Wienand

    NASH Photography Club

    Mr. Jonathan Clemmer

    NASH Robotics Club

    Mr. Heath Lauster

    NASH Ski & Board Club

    Mrs. Pam Kohlmann

    NASH Youth Group

    Mr. John Neff

    National Art Honors Society

    Mrs. Fran Hawbaker

    National English Honors Society

    Mrs. Danielle Omasits

    National Honor Society (NHS)

    Mrs. Dana Oliver & Mr. Nate Tengowski


    Mr. Dave Morris

    NASH Newspaper - The Uproar

    Mr. Dave Morris


    Mrs. Sarah Lavelle

    Physics Club

    Mr. John Neff

    Pottery Club

    Mr. Jamie Matthews

    Project Water

    Ms. Laura Prosser

    Principal’s Advisory Committee

    Dr. John Kreider

    Quiz Team

    Mrs. Chris Ruffolo

    SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

    Mr. Jeff Longo

    Safari (Yearbook)

    Ms. Kristin Yakich and Ms. Jayne Beatty

    Save the Children Action Network (SCAN)

    Mr. Mark Venezia

    Science Club

    Mr. Bruce Allen

    Science National Honor Society

    Mrs. Jill Spak

    Senior Class Advisors

    Mr. Gary Grater & Mrs. Shannon Perry

    Shakespeare Club

    Mrs. Darrah Rhinehart

    Sign Language Club

    Ms. Leah McAfee

    Spanish Club

    Mr. Domenico DiBacco

    Speech and Debate

    Mrs. Sharon Volpe

    Spring Musical

    Mr. Bob Tozier

    Stage Crew

    Mr. Kevin Zebley


    Mrs. Chris Ruffolo

    Student Council

    Mrs. Fran Hawbaker

    Student Fitness Club

    Mrs. Pam Kohlmann

    Tiger Thon

    Mrs. Sharon Volpe

    UNICEF Club

    Mrs. Sharon Volpe


    Ms. Kristin Yakich, Mrs. Darrah Rhinehart, & Mr. Lance Rhinehart

    Wind Ensemble

    Mr. Todd Stefan

    Young Democrats

    Mrs. Sharon Volpe

    Young Republicans

    Mr. Dom Gliozzi

    Z Club

    Mrs. Cindy Yingling