• Class of 2019 Information

    Class of 2019 Parent/Guardian Overview

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    We want to thank you for the support you have given to the high school throughout the year and would like to enlist your assistance in this final phase of your student’s high school education.

    As part of the Class of 2019, your student has contributed to an extremely successful school year. The behavior, attitude, academic accomplishments, and extra-curricular/athletic successes of our seniors have been outstanding. The exceptionally large number of special awards, honors, and scholarships that have been announced and will be announced at the Scholars Banquet and during the Commencement Ceremony are a tribute to our students and their families. This senior class has truly earned the positive distinction and well-deserved recognition from organizations, academic institutions, and our community.

    We are asking for your support in bringing the school year to a safe and positive conclusion. The end of the school year involves fun and celebration which includes the Senior Banquet and Commencement. Unfortunately, the use of alcohol and/or drugs is sometimes associated with celebrating accomplishments and having fun. Our concern is the health and safety of our students. In an effort to avoid any tragedies that could result from the use of these substances, we enlist your help.

    Nationwide, alcohol and drug-related accidents are a leading cause of death among our young adults. The use of these dangerous substances is a serious threat to your student.

    There are some specific and positive steps that parents/guardians can take to help guide and protect their student(s) and friends during the celebration of upcoming events. We urge you to provide strong guidelines prohibiting any use of alcohol and or drugs by your child and any minor. The festive mood can sometimes create a relaxed attitude towards the use of these substances. Please don't allow this to happen! We urge you to exercise your responsibility and care by using wise judgment in your child's celebration and in granting permission for their attendance at other prom or graduation celebrations.

    Final exams have been scheduled for May 30 through June 3. Caps and gowns will be sold and distributed to all graduating seniors on June 4 at the Baierl Center. Checks are preferred and should be made payable to “NASH” in the amount of $20. Students will be assigned a time between 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. In addition, laptop computers will be collected, as well as the collection of additional debts at this time. Debts include lost books, cafeteria debt, outstanding detentions, etc. All laptops will be inspected for physical damage. Any insured laptop that is returned damaged, beyond normal wear-and-tear, will be subject to the deductible charge of $25. All fees will be due June 4. There is no need to return the laptop sleeve. To avoid any last minute laptop issues, or if you have any questions about damage, have your student stop at the NASH Help Desk prior to May 17 for a pre-inspection or repair. Additionally, the last day loaner laptops will be issued to seniors will be May 17. Any loaner laptops that were issued before May 17 must be returned to the Help Desk no later than June 3.

    Please encourage your senior to finish the academic year strongly and to work hard until Graduation. The right attitude and proper guidelines can help to end the year on a positive note for everyone. We do not want to see anyone jeopardize their graduation and related activities because of inappropriate behavior or academic problems.

    Thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in keeping this exciting time of our students' lives alcohol and drug-free. Together, we can make these events safe and memorable.


    John W. Kreider, Ed.D.

    Angela L. McEwen, Ed.D.
    Assistant Principal

    William E. McGahee, Ed.D.
    Assistant Principal