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NA Ranks in 'Top 10' of Best SAT Scores in PA

Recently, The Philadelphia Inquirer published the ranking of the top 10 high schools in PA based upon their average SAT scores for 2012. The North Allegheny Senior High School was rated #10 out of 652 public schools and was one of only two high schools in western Pennsylvania to make the list:
SAT Composite Scores  
North Allegheny students earned an SAT composite score of 1705 - the highest ever recorded for NA! Composite scores represent the mean score of the total number of students who took the exam and as such, it is significant to note that 87% of the 2012 graduating seniors took the exam.
Across the US, 1.6 million high school graduates in the Class of 2012 took the SAT, including 87% of the graduates at North Allegheny.  The SAT, published by the College Board, is designed to assess a student's academic readiness for college-level work.  It is the most widely-wised college admission exam and measures critical reading, writing, and mathematical skills.
The chart below shows a comparison of the SAT composite scores between students at North Allegheny, in the state of Pennsylvania, and across the United States.  The scores of NA students considerably outshine the average state and national composite scores!
SAT Composite Scores  
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