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Donations sought for the Art Room

Art Room Makerspace Donations Sought


We are seeking donations of smaller items to help develop our new Makerspace in the Art Room.  The Makerspace is set up to allow students to create and innovate in times when a classroom project may be completed or drying and a few minutes remain in class.  The student is permitted to go back to the Makerspace and select items for building and inventing.  Here is a wish list for the fall.

·         Q Tips (any size or color)

·         Toothpicks (flat or round)

·         Straws (any size, shape or color)

·         Foil (any size)

·         Egg cartons (either cardboard or Styrofoam)

·         Masking tape

·         Tacky glue (I have lots of Elmer’s glue, but since the students work in small amounts of time the quick drying tacky glue may serve their purposes better.)

·         Toilet paper tubes

·         Paper towel roll tubes

·         Newspapers

·         Paper plates (most inexpensive kind – just paper)

·         Buttons

·         Fabric trim (not large pieces of fabric, just the trim)

·         Nuts and bolts or small metal pieces (no sharp edges)

·         Any odds and ends that are relatively small, and you can envision a child using to “build”

So far the Makerspace has been an enormous success, but I am moving through materials much faster than I ever dreamed!  Thank you so much for your help!  I’m open to any and all suggestions!


As always, I also have lots of paper, markers and crayons if children would prefer to draw.