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NAI Represents at PMEA

NAI kids represented North Allegheny at the 2016 PMEA Honors String Orchestra Festival held November 19-20 at Bethel Park High School. PMEA District 1 features kids from across 5 counties, and this year there were 22 school districts that participated. There were 96 students total selected to perform in the festival. The NAI students were: Ashley Chung, Akshana Dassanaike, Katherine Gao, Angela Guo, Teresa Huang, Richard Jensen, Andriy Lassowsky, Cindy Li, Kevin Lu, Daphne Nie, Leela Pinnamaraju, Nina Ruffolo, Tomer Shamir, Rebecca Shaw, Laurie Song, Teague Urban, Peter Van Osdol, Futen Wang, Hanna Wang, Eileen Wang, and Andrew Yang.