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Calcusolve: NAI Math Problem Solvers Shine

On October 11 at Duquesne University, 7 teams of math problem solvers from NAI competed in the 9th and 10th grade Calcusolve competition.  The event consists of a mix of group and individual challenge problems that all count toward the team score.  Most of the problems involved creative problem solving in the areas of algebra or geometry, or possibly even a little bit of basic statistics.


The NAI team of Nicole McGaa, Cindy Li, Teresa Huang, and Jiaji Wang took first place in the team competition.  McGaa (1st place), Li (1st), and Wang (3rd) earned individual honors.  Other North Allegheny individual honorees were Shudipto Wahed (1st), William Wang (1st), Soureesh Moturi (1st), Jiwoo Cheon (1st), Elaine Wang (2nd), Jerry Chen (2nd), Roy Sun (3rd), and Ethan James (3rd).  Congratulations to all who participated.  Everyone seemed to have a good experience and a fun time.

First place Calcusolve team, pictured from left to right:  Cindy Li, Teresa Huang, Jiaji Wang, and Nicole McGaa.
 Individual Calcusolve honorees, pictured from left to right:  Ethan James, Jiwoo Cheon, Cindy Li, Elaine Wang, Roy Sun, Shudipto Wahed, William Wang, Jerry Chen, and Soureesh Moturi.  (Individual honorees Nicole McGaa and Jiaji Wang not pictured here, but they are in the first place team photo.)