Comprehensive Planning

For the past two decades, the North Allegheny School District has been committed to the concept and process of strategic planning. The North Allegheny School District served as a pioneer in the development of strategic thinking and planning in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. During the 2006-2007 school year, the North Allegheny School District embarked on the development of two strategic plans: an eStrategic Plan required for compliance with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and an Internal Strategic Plan. This work was completed in accordance with Chapter 4 regulations of the Pennsylvania School Code which states, “Strategic plans shall be developed through active participation by parents, students, school directors, teachers, school administrators, other school personnel, and business and community members.” The North Allegheny School District Internal Strategic Plan serves as the foundation and driving force behind the operations of the District.  Developed every six years, the North Allegheny School District Internal Strategic Plan is comprised of six major strategies through which the District will realize its Mission. The current Internal Strategic Plan provides coordination and focus for major District initiatives from 2007-2013.


Mission Statement
North Allegheny's mission is to educate and develop all students to become confident, life-long learners and responsible citizens within a changing, global society by delivering an outstanding educational experience through a comprehensive array of opportunities in the pursuit of excellence.
Vision Statement
North Allegheny's vision is to be a safe and student-centered community partnership marked by high expectations, a challenging curriculum, and a shared commitment to educational excellence through rich and varied learning experiences.
Beliefs/Shared Values
Belief statements are the public declaration of the District’s heart and soul and serve as the foundation of strategic intent behind every action. The current Beliefs of the North Allegheny School District are:


  • All people can learn.
  • Learning is a life-long process that occurs in different ways at different times through different methods and experiences.
  • Learning occurs best in a safe, nurturing, and respectful environment.
  • Teaching is a creative art which recognizes that educating the whole person prepares students to thrive in a global society.
  • Acknowledging, appreciating, and respecting the diversity and value of all people enriches our community.
  • Integrity, trust, and open communication are hallmarks of an excellent educational community.
  • Effective leadership, high expectations, teamwork, and the responsible provision and utilization of resources result in educational excellence.
  • Students, parents, staff, and community share commitment to and the responsibility and benefits of a quality education.


North Allegheny’s Internal Strategic Planning process resulted in the development of six major Strategies through which the District can realize its Mission. The Strategies also provide the foundation or framework upon which the District’s Administrative Work Plan is built. Strategies possess the inherent power to guide the actions of the organization. They are a broadly stated means of deploying resources and energy within the District. The Strategies in the North Allegheny School District include:     

Strategy 1 -  We will enhance the sense of community District-wide.

Strategy 2 - We will deliver and continuously improve a comprehensive, sequential and challenging curriculum that meets the needs of all students enhanced by a full range of co-curricular and extra curricular activities.
Strategy 3 - We will implement evolving best practices and ensure accountability in all aspects of District operations.
Strategy 4 - We will foster a safe, caring, and positive environment that encourages responsible decision-making.
Strategy 5 - We will focus on being one of the top 100 school districts in the nation.
Strategy 6 - We will integrate advanced technology into all areas of the School District where appropriate.

Click here to view the Strategic Plan Strategies (Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file).

 Strategic Action
In November 2007, Strategy Teams consisting of the Superintendent, members of Executive Council, administrators, teachers, support staff, and community members were formed to function as a design team to generate a set of End Results for each of the six Strategies.  End Results are statements of achievement or bold resolutions for which a series of action steps can be developed.  End Results describe what will be accomplished during the implementation phase of strategic planning.  The Strategy Teams developed a total of twenty-four End Result statements.  The Superintendent’s Executive Council worked in partnership with the Superintendent to review and prioritize the End Result statements formulated by the Strategy Teams.
Organized within the six Strategies, the End Results are selected on an annual basis for implementation within the District’s current Administrative Work Plan. The Administrative Work Plan provides the vital and important focus for the intense, daily work surrounding North Allegheny’s day-to-day operations. Each End Result in the current Work Plan is assigned to a Key Administrator and a multi-leveled team of administrators who are charged with generating an Action Plan or sequence of steps/activities necessary to accomplish the End Result. Action planning involves translating strategic intent into operational format thereby ensuring the District accomplishes its Mission.