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Student Data Portal Instructions for Students
The Student Data Portal tool that provides access to student scheduling information, assignments, grades, and contact data to both parents and students. To log-in, you will need to use your student ID as your User Name and the random Password that you received, which is assigned only to you.
How to Access the Student Data Portal for the First Time
To access the Student Data Portal, visit https://portal.northallegheny.org/tsi_live. You will be prompted to enter the User Name and Password provided to you. First-time users will be prompted to change their password. For maximum security, please create a complex password and do not share this information with anyone.
Parent Portal Login Screen
The Student Data Portal supports the following browsers: Chrome 39, Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11 and Firefox 23-26. Any user who is working on a MAC should download Firefox for MAC to avoid having access issues.
If you are using a browser that is not supported, you will see this message near the top of the screen on the Tyler banner:
Unsupported Browser  
Important: When you enter your User Name and/or Password to login, please make certain that there are no 'hidden' spaces before or after the characters. This can sometimes happen when a user will 'copy and paste' information from one location to another. Hidden spaces will cause your login to fail.
Your Student Data Portal User Name and Password will be assigned to you for the entire time that you are enrolled in the North Allegheny School District.  You will not need to re-enroll in the system every school year.
Viewing Report Cards
To view your report card in the Student Data Portal, you may click the 
Student Documents 
link on the left hand side. This link will appear only once the report cards are available online:
Click "Student Documents" to view report cards  

Note: The report cards will be available as a PDF file. Your computer likely already has a PDF reader application installed – but in the event that you cannot view the file,you may wish to install a program such as Adobe Reader.

General User Instructions
  • Once you have logged in, you will be prompted to change your password.  If you are not prompted, this means that your web browser has a pop-up blocker enabled. If you do not see an automatic pop-up prompting you to change your Password, click on the 'Change Password' icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • After logging in, the first page that you see is the Student Data Portal Announcements, where you will view District and school messages in the center of the screen.  During the initial months after the system is opened, introductory instructions will be provided in the District Announcements section.
  • You will find your photo in the upper left-hand corner of the webpage.  If there is no photo on record, there will be an empty box with your name as a placeholder instead of a photo until the next formal school photos are received and filed.
  • If you are not presented with a photo or a box, contact the main office of your school to resolve the problem.  When you contact the school, be prepared to provide identification, as you will be discussing confidential student information.
  • Once logged into the system, you will automatically be presented with your Student Information Screen.  This screen contains links and navigational items for the Student Data Portal.
  • On the left-hand side of the Student Information Screen, the following links will appear:


  • If you click on any one of these links, the information in the center of the screen will change to report relevant data based upon the link selected.
  • Note that when clicking the Assignments link, you must further unfold the data by selecting the name of the class for which you wish to view assignments.
  • The Student Data Portal is designed to be a view-only resource.  You may press CTRL and P on your keyboard to print individual pages.
Additional Functions
In the upper right corner of your screen, you will notice several icons.  These icons perform various functions and are available from every page within the Student Data Portal.

Home  Home - Clicking this icon will bring you back to the Student Data Portal Announcements page.

Change Password  Update Password - Click this icon to change the password for your account.

Set Language  Set Language - This allows you to change the default language in Student Data Portal.
Emails  Emails - This feature is not yet functional.  Please do not use this icon to contact teachers.
Log Off  Log Off - Clicking this will securely log you out of the Student Data Portal.  When leaving the Student Data Portal, it is always best to click this icon and to completely close your web browser.  These practices ensure the maximum level of account security.