Preliminary Topics
Why everyone should take Physics:
Counting Significant Digits and Multiplying-Dividing with Sig Figs  Video 0.1 
Addition and Subtraction with Significant Digits  Video 0.2 
Vectors and 1-D Kinematics
Adding Vectors Graphically Video 1.1 
Adding Vectors Analytically Video 1.2  Video 1.3 
Distance and Displacement Video 1.4   
Speed and Velocity Video 1.5
Acceleration Video 1.6   
Equations of Motion Video 1.7   
Graphing Instantaneous Velocity Video 1.8 
Getting a velocity graph from a position graph  Video 1.9
Getting a position graph from a velocity graph  Video 1.10  
2-D Kinematics
Directional Independence of 2-D Motion Video 2.1   
Projectiles Examples     Horizontally Launched Video 2.4        Upwardly Launched Video 2.5  
Circular Kinematics
Arc Length and Angular Speed Video 2.8 
Kinematics Equations Video 2.9   
Rotational Kinematics Examples  Video 2.10  Video 2.11   Video 2.12   
Relationship Between Tangential and Angular Speeds   Video 2.13   Video 2.14 
Derivation of Centripetal Acceleration Equation  Direction Video 2.15    Equation Video 2.16   
Tangential and Total Accelerations Video 2.17 
Forces and Newton's Laws
Aristotle vs Galileo and Newton Video 3.1 
Newton's Laws Video 3.2  Video 3.3
Misconceptions of Newton's Laws  Video 3.4   Video 3.5    
Third Law Lecture (Scrub to 1:20 for demos)
Universal Gravitation Video 3.6    
Sliding Friction Video 3.7   
Applications of Newton's Laws:
1.  Apparent Weight in an Elevator  Video 3.8    Video 3.9  Elevator Worksheet 
2.  Contact Forces Video 3.10 
3.  Unbanked Curves Video 3.13   
4.  Banked Curves Video  3.14   
6.  Apparent Weight on a Ferris Wheel  Video 3.20    
Keplers Laws  Video 3.21   
Conservation of Momentum Video 4.19     
Inelastic Collisions  Video 4.20  Video 4.21 
Coefficient of Restitution Video 4.22   
Elastic Collisions Video 4.23a Video 4.23b  
Center of Mass Video 4.24    

Circular Dynamics
Cross Product Video 5.1 
Torque Video 5.2
Rotational Second Law Video 5.8 
Moment of Inertia Video 5.9    
Rotational Work and Energy Video 5.10   
Angular Momentum Video 5.11    
Simple Harmonic Motion
SHM Basics Video 5.12   Video 5.13     
SHM Examples  Video 5.14   Vide 5.15 
Simple Pendulum Video 5.16 
What is Plasma? Video#1   Video#2 
Liquid Pressure: Lecture
Archimedes Principle: History   Demo  Lecture
Buoyant Force Problems on Video  Cartoon
Laminar Flow: Video 1    Video 2
Continuity Equation: Lecture 1
Bernoulli Principle: Beach Ball in Fan    
Bernoulli Equation: Lecture 1   Lecture 2   Lecture 3  Demo
Converting between temperature scales: Lecture 1  Lecture 2
Specific Heat Lecture
Specific Heat and Calorimetry  Lecture 
Heat of Fusion/Vaporization Lecture 1   Lecture 2  
Molar Mass Lecture
Avagadro's Principle Lecture
Ideal Gas Law Lecture
Gases and Kinetic Molecular Theory Lecture1  Lecture 2  Lecture 3
Conduction, Convection, Radiation Lecture   Simple Problem   Medium Problem 1  Medium Problem 2  Hard Problem
Conduction Cartoon, Convection Cartoon, Radiation CartoonMusic Video
Internal energy and molar heat capacity of a gas  Lecture
Molar heat capacity of a gas-intro to thermal processes Lecture
PV diagrams and work done on a gas  Lecture
PV diagrams and first law of Thermodynamics  Lecture
First Law of Thermodynamics Lecture 1   Lecture 2
Thermal Processes: Isobaric  Isochoric   Isothermic   Adiabatic
Thermodynamic Cycles: Rectangle  Triangle   Isothermic  Adiabatic
Heat Engine Efficiency Lecture 1  Lecture 2
Second Law of Thermodynamics Lecture
How Refrigeration Works (This is a good review of all heat and thermo.) 
Coulomb's Law Lesson 1   Lesson 2    Lesson 3
Superposition of Coulomb's Law Lesson
Methods of Charging Lecture
Calculating Electric Fields Lesson
Drawing Electric Fields Lesson
Power Lesson 1
Resistors in Series Lesson 1
Resistors in Parallel Lesson 1
Analyzing a Circuit with Series and Parallel Resistors Lesson 1
Capacitors in Series Lesson 1
Capacitors in Parallel Lesson 1
Analyzing a Circuit with Capacitors Lesson 1
RC Circuits Lesson 1
Magnetic Fields Lesson 1
Lorentz (Magnetic) Force Lesson 1
Electric Currents in a Magnetic Field Lesson 1
Ampere's Law Lesson 1
Solenoids and Electromagnets Lesson 1
Motional EMF Lesson 1
Faraday's Law & Lenz's Law Lesson 1
Waves and Sound
Basic Properties of Waves Lesson 1
Period and Frequency Lesson 1
Wavelength Lesson 1
Wave Phase Lesson 1
Wave Intensity Lesson 1  Lesson 2
Reflection and Refraction Lesson 1
Snell's Law Lesson 1
Mirrors Lesson 1
Lenses Lesson 1
Spherical Mirror / Lens Simulator (more like ray diagrams)
Virtual Optics Bench (very versatile)
Thin Lens Equation Lesson 1  Lesson 2  Lesson 3
Blackbody Radiation Lesson 1
Planck's Constant Lesson 1
Photoelectric Effect Lesson 1
Compton Scattering Lesson 1
DeBroglie Wavelength Lesson 1  Lesson 2
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Lesson 1
Weird Stuff from Quantum Mechanics Lesson 1
Line Spectra Lesson 1
Bohr Model of the Atom Lesson 1   Lesson 2  Lesson 3
Energy-Mass Equivalence Lesson 1
Mass Defect and Binding Energy Lesson 1
AP Review
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