Why everyone should take Physics:
1-D Kinematics
2-D Kinematics
Forces and Newton's Laws
Third Law Lecture (Scrub to 1:20 for demos)
Angular Variables Video 1
Relating Angular and Linear Motion Video 1
What is Plasma? Video#1   Video#2 
Liquid Pressure: Lecture
Archimedes Principle: History   Demo  Lecture
Buoyant Force Problems on Video  Cartoon
Laminar Flow: Video 1    Video 2
Continuity Equation: Lecture 1
Bernoulli Principle: Beach Ball in Fan    
Bernoulli Equation: Lecture 1   Lecture 2   Lecture 3  Demo
Converting between temperature scales: Lecture 1  Lecture 2
Specific Heat Lecture
Specific Heat and Calorimetry  Lecture 
Heat of Fusion/Vaporization Lecture 1   Lecture 2  
Molar Mass Lecture
Avagadro's Principle Lecture
Ideal Gas Law Lecture
Gases and Kinetic Molecular Theory Lecture1  Lecture 2  Lecture 3
Conduction, Convection, Radiation Lecture   Simple Problem   Medium Problem 1  Medium Problem 2  Hard Problem
Conduction Cartoon, Convection Cartoon, Radiation CartoonMusic Video
Internal energy and molar heat capacity of a gas  Lecture
Molar heat capacity of a gas-intro to thermal processes Lecture
PV diagrams and work done on a gas  Lecture
PV diagrams and first law of Thermodynamics  Lecture
First Law of Thermodynamics Lecture 1   Lecture 2
Thermal Processes: Isobaric  Isochoric   Isothermic   Adiabatic
Thermodynamic Cycles: Rectangle  Triangle   Isothermic  Adiabatic
Heat Engine Efficiency Lecture 1  Lecture 2
Second Law of Thermodynamics Lecture
How Refrigeration Works (This is a good review of all heat and thermo.) 
Coulomb's Law Lesson 1   Lesson 2    Lesson 3
Superposition of Coulomb's Law Lesson
Methods of Charging Lecture
Calculating Electric Fields Lesson
Drawing Electric Fields Lesson
Power Lesson 1
Resistors in Series Lesson 1
Resistors in Parallel Lesson 1
Analyzing a Circuit with Series and Parallel Resistors Lesson 1
Capacitors in Series Lesson 1
Capacitors in Parallel Lesson 1
Analyzing a Circuit with Capacitors Lesson 1
RC Circuits Lesson 1
Magnetic Fields Lesson 1
Lorentz (Magnetic) Force Lesson 1
Electric Currents in a Magnetic Field Lesson 1
Ampere's Law Lesson 1
Solenoids and Electromagnets Lesson 1
Motional EMF Lesson 1
Faraday's Law & Lenz's Law Lesson 1
Waves and Sound
Basic Properties of Waves Lesson 1
Period and Frequency Lesson 1
Wavelength Lesson 1
Wave Phase Lesson 1
Wave Intensity Lesson 1  Lesson 2
Reflection and Refraction Lesson 1
Snell's Law Lesson 1
Mirrors Lesson 1
Spherical Mirror / Lens Simulator (more like ray diagrams)
Virtual Optics Bench (very versatile)
Thin Lens Equation Lesson 1  Lesson 2  Lesson 3
Blackbody Radiation Lesson 1
Planck's Constant Lesson 1
Photoelectric Effect Lesson 1
Compton Scattering Lesson 1
DeBroglie Wavelength Lesson 1  Lesson 2
Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle Lesson 1
Weird Stuff from Quantum Mechanics Lesson 1
Line Spectra Lesson 1
Bohr Model of the Atom Lesson 1   Lesson 2  Lesson 3
Energy-Mass Equivalence Lesson 1
Mass Defect and Binding Energy Lesson 1
AP Review
Michaelson-Morley Experiment Lesson 1  Lesson 2
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