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Business Office
The Business Office would like to keep North Allegheny School District users informed of policies and procedures and to expedite any of the processes that we can by using this Web Site. Forms (such as: Travel, Student Activity Fund Procedures, and Budgeting) have been uploaded onto this website for you to print your own copies, complete, obtain approvals and send to the Business Office for processing.


Business Office Staff and General Responsibilities
Lynn Reaghard
Senior Accounting and Budget Specialist
Budget Coordinator, Requisition Approvals, Student Activity Funds, Grants, Board Report, Construction Projects, Account Analysis/Forecast
Shelley Baker
Senior Accounting Clerk
Accounts Payable, Board Run, Void Checks, 1099's, Friday Run PO Payments, Unencumber PO's, Sales Tax Exempt & W-9 Forms, Wire Transfers 
Victoria Mobley
Senior Accounting Clerk
Friday Run, Travel, Conferences, Mileage, Board Report, Tax Refunds, Construction Runs, Receipts, Petty Cash

Friday, Run Examples:
Insurance, Utilities, Conferences, Refunds
Margaret Hunkele
Senior Accounting and Budget Specialist
Tax Collector Liaison, Bank & Tax Reconciliations, Child Accounting, Third Day Enrollment, Act 80 Coordinator, Intramural Participation Fee inquiries and refund requests, Account Analysis/Forecast
Although the above are some general responsibility descriptions, please feel free to call any of the above for help. The Business Office staff works closely together and is generally aware of all Financial Services functions. Each member of the Business Office has their own responsibilities, however, we are structuring the office so anyone can pitch in and resolve issues when a member of the team is not available.