Welcome to the NAI GOAL website!
Use the bulleted links to the left of this page to view our upcoming GOAL calendar of events, review the powerpoint presentations from our monthly meetings, or learn about summer programs available to gifted and talented high school students.  "Gallimaufry" is a bulletin section where you will find a hodgepodge of diverse opportunities!  This site provides GOAL students with gifted resources, contest information and local events.     

The  deadline for the 2015 UPHCSA applications has been extended until February 28.  The Lehigh University program for Global Entrepreneurship has also extended their deadline to the same date. 

Congratulations to Sebastian Immonen who was selected to receive a “Special Recognition” award for his entry in the 2014-2015 Alcohol Awareness Poster Contest.  This contest is sponsored by the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and the Bureau of Alcohol Education.  A special ceremony honoring Sebastian and other student artists will be held in Harrisburg, in the State Capitol Rotunda, on Wednesday, April 8, 2015.  His poster will also be on exhibit in the Capitol Rotunda from April 6 through April 10, 2015.  All of the posters promote safe and healthy alternatives to underage drinking in the students’ own words. 

Yuri Tamama won the 2015 Pennsylvania Radon Poster Contest.  Her winning entry is below:
Yuri Tamana