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The North Star Newspaper and Pawprint Magazine are published on alternate months,
typically on the last Friday of the month.

NATV can be found on the following channels: Comcast: 98 / Armstrong: 50 / Verizon: 33 / Consolidated: 406
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Please note: The morning broadcast of the Game of the Week, traditionally broadcast at 10:00 am Friday, Saturday and Sunday, will now be broadcast at 9:00 am. 

The 2013-2014 NATV Leadership Team:
Amanda Pszenny
Special Projects: Amanda Pszenny
Chase Daftary

News Director (Wake Up NA): Chase Daftary

Ryan Yorgen Alex Teets Emily McMurtry Rena Ferrara
News Division:
Ryan Yorgen, Alex Teets, Emily McMurtry &Rena Ferrara

Heather Schogren Jordan Mezey Emily Wachter
Entertainment Division:
Heather Schogren, Jordan Mezey &Emily Wachter
Josh Plichta Marisa Oberle  
Sports Division: Josh Plichta & Marisa Oberle
The Fall 2013 NATV TV III Class:
NATV Staff

he 2013-2014 North Star Editors in Chief: 
Bradford Thornburgh
The North Star: Bradford Thornburgh
Maura Yates
The Pawprint Magazine: Maura Yates
The 2013-2014 North Star Staff:

The North Star Staff
All of these young people are extremely creative, mature and motivated.
The 2013-2014 school year promises to be very productive and exciting for both NATV and the North Star.
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The NASH Media Center, including the NATV Studio & North Star offices, is located on the 2nd Floor of North Allegheny Senior High School. Please feel free to contact us at the phone numbers or email below with any questions or concerns.
North Star Contact Information:
10375 Perry Highway 
Wexford, PA 15090
Phone: (724) 934-7913 
NATV Contact Information:
10375 Perry Highway 
Wexford, PA 15090
Studio Line: (724) 934-7913