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Being involved in an activity/club/organization is important for overall development in our changing society.  NA offers many opportunities to serve and to have FUN! Please consider joining an activity or organization…. or better yet, create your own!

If you are interested in a particular activity, please feel free to e-mail the sponsor or click on the activity for additional information.  If you have additional questions or you would like to start a new club, please see Mr. Kreider in the Main Office or email him at jkreider@northallegheny.org.


Actors Society--Mr. Truesdell (jtruesdell@northallegheny.org)

Art Club (fhawbaker@northallegheny.org)  

Amnesty International--Mr. Venezia (mvenezia@northallegheny.org)

Astronomy Club--Mr. Bugel (wbugel@northallegheny.org)

Best Buddies--Ms. Beck (mbeck@northallegheny.org), Mrs. Tengowski (rtengowski@northallegheny.org), Ms. Kruze (jkruze@northallegheny.org)

Bowling--Athletic Director's Office

Cheerleading--Athletic Director's Office

Chorus--Mrs. Pontiere (lpontiere@northallegheny.org)

Computer Club--Mrs. Prosser (lprosser@northallegheny.org)

Concert Band--Mr. Stefan (tstefan@northallegheny.org)

Dance Team--Ms. Schilpp

DECA (An Assoc. of Marketing Students)--Mrs. Sullivan (jsullivan@northallegheny.org)

Drill Team--Mr. Stefan (tstefan@northallegheny.org)

Environmental Club—Mr. Pielin (gpielin@northallegheny.org)  

Fall Play—Mr. Truesdell (jtruesdell@northallegheny.org)

Fashion Club-- Mrs. Senkoski (dsenkoski@northallegheny.org) and Mrs. Gallagher (egallagher@northallegheny.org)

Flag Team--Mr. Stefan (tstefan@northallegheny.org)

French Club--Ms. Zaun (bzaun@northallegheny.org)

Forensics/Debate--Mrs. Volpe (svolpe@northallegheny.org)

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)—Mr. Sestili (csestili@northallegheny.org)

Future Filmmakers Club--Mr. West (dwest@northallegheny.org

Gay Straight Alliance--NASH

German Club—Ms. Gustavsen (JoGustavsen@northallegheny.org )

Hip Hop--Mr. Bishop (wbishop@northallegheny.org

Italian Club—Mr. DiBacco (ddibacco@northallegheny.org)  

Jazz Ensemble--Mr. Stefan (tstefan@northallegheny.org)

Investment Club---

Junior Classical League (JCL)—Mrs. Ramsey (cramsey@northallegheny.org)

Junior ROTC--Major Kolar (skolar@northallegheny.org)

Key Club—Ms. Leech (kleech@northallegheny.org  

Lifetime Activities--Mr. Wanner (ewanner@northallegheny.org)

Majorettes--Ms. Sanders (patricia.saunders5182@gmail.com)

Marching Band--Mr. Stefan (tstefan@northallegheny.org) & Mr. Baldanzi (sbaldanzi@northallegheny.org)

Model UN---

Multicultural Student Union—Mr. Hambrick (mhambrick@northallegheny.org)

National Honor Society –

NATV—Mr. West (dwest@northallegheny.org)

Newspaper – Mr. West (dwest@northallegheny.org)  

Orchestra--Mrs. Lavelle (slavelle@northallegheny.org)

Origami Club---

Peer Mediation/SADD—Mr. Longo (jlongo@northallegheny.org)

Percussion Ensemble--Mr. Baldanzi (sbaldanzi@nortallegheny.org)

Principal’s Advisory Committee --- Mrs. Hawbaker (fhawbaker@northallegheny.org) and Mr. Zebley (kzebley@northallegheny.org)

Shakespeare Club---

Ski Club—Mr. Kyriazis (JKyriazis@northallegheny.org )

Spanish Club--Mr. DiBacco (ddibacco@northallegheny.org)

Spring Musical--Mr. Tozier (btozier@northallegheny.org)

Stage Crew--Mr. Zebley (kzebley@northallegheny.org)


Strolling Strings--Mrs. Lavelle (slavelle@northallegheny.org)

Student Council—Mrs. Hawbaker (fhawbaker@northallegheny.org) and Mr. Zebley (kzebley@northallegheny.org)
Table Tennis--Mr. Davis (mdavis@northallegheny.org)

Teaching Peace Initiative---

Technology Student Association (TSA) – Mr. Zebley (kzebley@northallegheny.org)

Ukulele Club--Mr. Morris (dmorris@northallegheny.org

Variations – Mrs. Esposito ( KEsposito@northallegheny.org ) and Mrs. Lombardi (JLombardi@northallegheny.org)

Wind Ensemble--Mr. Stefan (tstefan@northallegheny.org)

Yearbook—Ms. Beatty (jbeatty@northallegheny.org)

Youth Group---

Z Club---