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Food Services
The North Allegheny School District has contracted with Metz and Associates, LTD. for the food service operation for the 2014-2015 school year.  Metz has provided the District with nutritious meals since 1998.  In addition to the variety of healthy meals, Metz participates in classrooms throughout the District and teaches students in various grades the importance of a balanced diet.  Metz also conducts theme days and several promotions for the students each year.
New Federal guidelines have been put into place and have changed menus slightly.  Please click here to see an overview of the changes.
School Lunch Program 
Nutritious meals that emphasize quality and variety are available to students at every District school.  Printable versions of monthly menus for the elementary program and the secondary program are posted on this website, and are available here.  Menus are also available at every school office and elementary menus are sent home during the last week of every month via Thursday Envelopes.  Students may make cafeteria purchases by utilizing the Point of Sale (POS) computerized debit system, which requires them to provide their Personal Identification Number (PIN).
Every NA student is assigned a six-digit PIN upon his/her enrollment.  The PIN is used for two purposes.  The first purpose is to verify student identity and reference important student information, like food allergies, dietary restrictions, and limitations on purchases established by parents.  The second purpose is to subtract monies from student accounts that conveniently eliminate the need for students to pay with cash.  All students have the option to pay by cash. with their PIN number, or by withdrawing from their account with their PIN number. 
Prices for student lunches in 2014-2015 are:
Elementary Lunches
Middle School Lunches
NAI / NASH Lunches
Payments to establish student accounts may be sent directly to the student's school, with his/her PIN number clearly indicated on the check.  Pre-printed envelopes for this purpose are available in each school office.  Checks should be made payable to NASD Cafeteria Fund.  Questions regarding account balances or requests for patron participation reports may be directed to the Food Service Office at 724-934-7201 or 724-934-7236.
The District implemented an online payment system called PayForIt during the 2009-2010 school year. More information can be found at www.PayForIt.net.

School Breakfast Program

School Breakfast is available for grades 6-12 and students at Marshall Elementary School and McKnight Elementary School.  Food cannot be taken into the classrooms, so students who wish to take part in the breakfast program must arrive at school with enough time to purchase and consume their breakfast in the cafeteria.
Students can purchase their breakfast using the POS system.  A School Breakfast for students is $1.25, regardless of which school the student attends.  Ala carte items are also available for breakfast.
Questions can be directed to diningservices@northallegheny.org.