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Storytown Powerpoint Lessons
The powerpoint lessons for each theme listed below were created by various third grade teachers.  The lessons coorelate with the story we are reading in our textbook.  Ask your son/daughter which story  he/she is reading to find out which lesson in a particular theme we are studying.  These are a great resource for parents and students to review lessons at home.  Isn't technology amazing!

Theme 1: School Days

 Ruby The Copycat

Lesson 1 Day 3Lesson 1 Day 4Lesson 1 Day 5

 The Day Eddie Met the Author

Lesson 2 Day 1Lesson 2 Day 2Lesson 2 Day 3Lesson 2 Day 4Lesson 2 Day 5

Schools Around The World

Lesson 3 Day 1Lesson 3 Day 2Lesson 3 Day 3Lesson 3 Day 4

 Ellen Ochoa, Astronaut

Lesson 4 Day 1 Lesson 4 Day 2Lesson 4 Day 3Lesson 4 Day 4 

 The School News

Lesson 5 Day 1Lesson 5 Day 2 Lesson 5 Day 3Lesson 5 Day 4Lesson 5 Day 5


Parts of a BookSilent e- Long VowelsFocus Skill -Reference SourcesFocus Skill   - SettingGuide Words Powerpoint Parts of a Dictionary
Theme 2: Together We Can 
Theme 3: As We Grow 
Theme 4: Tales To Tell
                                                                                      Personification Powerpoint
Theme 5: A Place For All
Theme 6: Discoveries
Charlotte's Web 
 Spiders and their Webs
 The Science Fair
The Planets 
Voyage Across the Solar System 

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