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Participation Fees at North Allegheny
In the fall of 2011 the North Allegheny School District implemented a participation fee structure for certain extra-curricular activities, such as interscholastic athletics, Marching Band, intramurals, and various select ensembles or clubs. After your child becomes a member of the team or group, the following letter will be distributed by the coach or sponsor:

Please direct any questions to the Athletic Office for Interscholastic Athletics or Main Office where your child is enrolled as a student for other activities.

Board Policy
The Board Policy #3301 for Participation Fees was passed at the Combined Work Session and Voting Meeting on July 13, 2011. The Board took this action as a result of the significant and increasing financial challenges that are facing not just the North Allegheny School District, but most public school districts in this region and across the country. Federal and state funding for education, as well as tax revenues, have declined substantially. The creation of a new funding model is necessary in order to maintain our extra-curricular programs.
Affirming Value–Maintaining Choice
The North Allegheny School District believes that a broad range of curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular programs contributes in a positive way to the overall development of children. However, the implementation of new strategies - such as a participation fee for extra-curricular activities - is necessary to offset costs and help continue the depth and breadth of programs. The logic underlying a participation fee is that the costs for these programs will be partially absorbed by the students and families receiving those direct services. A provision for economically disadvantaged students will be implemented in this plan.
Frequently Asked Questions

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