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Marcia Martin Unity/Diversity Expression Contest

2010-2011 Contest Winners
The winners of the Tenth Annual NASD Marcia Martin Unity/Diversity Contest have been selected. Entries were accepted from November 15 through December 10, 2010. The event was open to all students in the District, grades K-12. The contest provided students with an opportunity to express their interpretation of the theme: "Each one of us is wonderful; together we are diverse and strong. Help make NA a place where everyone knows they belong."
Entries were judged by a panel of people very impressed with the students' insightful and inspirational work both in the Fine Arts and Writing competitions. The District recognizes the students for their outstanding work and acknowledges the teachers for their guidance, encouragement, and support.
All of the winners were honored and asked to share their entries at the Annual Diversity Luncheon on Tuesday, February 1st, hosted by Dr. Patricia P. Green, Superintendent of Schools. Dr. Green welcomed the student winners whose talent continues to amaze and impress the District as they embrace the ideas brought forth through this fine arts competition. Pictured below are the 2010-2011 winners!

2010-11 Winners
Dr. Patricia Green, Superintendent and Mr. Craig Slaubaugh, Committee Chairperson,
pictured above with the Diversity Contest Winners

Fine Arts

Alice Mikhaylyuta, (1)
Peebles Elementary School
Drawing — "Together We Grow"

Yulia Yatsenko, (5)
Hosack Elementary School
Painting — "The Colorful Owl"

Bohyun Yun, (8)
Carson Middle School
Painting — "NA's Nest"

Honorable Mention:

Rachel Ryoo, (8)
Carson Middle School
Drawing — "Color-Full, Wonderful-Full"

Greer Cooney, (10)
North Allegheny Intermediate High School
Painting — "Many Birds on a Tree"

Laura Zeno, (12)
North Allegheny Senior High School
Sculpture — "The Many Faces of NA"

Benjamin T. Wilson, (11)
North Allegheny Senior High School
Multi-media — "Unity in Diversity"


Angeline Chalifoux, (2)
Marshall Elementary School
Short Story — "Barbecue Sauce"

Joanne Y. Lee, (5)
Franklin Elementary School
Essay — "The Beauty of Differences"

Katie Franz, (8)
Ingomar Middle School
Essay — "We Are All Like Books"

Dew Rina Lee, (9)
North Allegheny Intermediate High School
Poem — "The Diverse World We Live In"

Kayla Wilson, (11)
North Allegheny Senior High School
Poem — "How I Define Diversity"