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Bus Stop Guidelines

Board Policy #3182 establishes the guidelines for school bus stops.

Elementary and secondary students will be required to walk no more than 3/4 miles from their property to the bus stop or school unless, in the opinion of the Board, a safety condition warrants otherwise.

  • Except for locations on roads designated as hazardous, bus stops will be at least 1/4 mile apart.
  • The District will comply will all requirements of the "Hazardous Roads" Act.
  • The District buses will not travel into streets or roads terminating in a cul-de-sac or dead end, unless required by State regulations.
  • District Transportation vehicles will "back up" during their routes only when alternate routes are not feasible for safety or economic reasons.
  • Transportation vehicles will be routed in the most efficient manner consistent with safety and State law.
  • Subject to other provisions of this policy, bus stops will be established in housing plans having a loop or through streets for only the elementary public and private school students in the morning and afternoon, except where State regulations regarding handicapped and special needs students prevail.
  • Buses will not travel into developments when construction equipment, materials or vehicles may block or hinder safe access.
  • The Transportation Department will develop a plan annually for eliminating or consolidating bus stops.

If you would like to have a bus stop reviewed or changed, please complete this form and return it to the Transportation Department.