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Students:  Please remember to ask your parents for permission before going on-line.  It is best to ask a parent to accompany you while you are viewing these videos and learning links because these sites may recommend other links that are not appropriate for children.  Thank you!
The following website has vocabulary review for many of the chapters and units we will be studying this year, as well as online games.
 Scroll down to the chapter you would like to view.
 Chapter 5: Water
Lost your Chapter 5 packet?  Click here  for a copy of the Chapter 5 packet 
Study guide for Chapter 5
A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 5
The water cycle including terms: condensation, precipitation, evaporation

A water cycle video

A water cycle song-lyrics to the tune of "Give Me Everything Tonight" by Pitt Bull
 A video to learn about hydroelectric power-using the force of water to make electricity (2 minutes 10 seconds)
A video clip to show the process of cleaning water (4 minutes 20 seconds)
 A video clip to show the process of a waste water treatment plant (approx. 5 minutes)
A Lego model of a waste water treatment plant narrated by a young boy- So cute! (4 minutes)
 The Magic School Bus: Wet All Over ---a lab you can do 
Chapter 6: Weather
Lost your Chapter 6 packet?  Click here for the Chapter 6 packet 
Hurricane Joaquin takes aim at New Jersey (Oct. 1,2015 - 1 min. 50 sec.) 
A great resource website to help you learn about temperature, climate, wind, clouds, different types of instruments, different types of storms, weather safety, weather flashcards, and weather forecasting.
Weather Instrument and Uses—lyrics to the tune of Nikki Minaj song,“Starships”
Hurricanes and Tornadoes Song -lyrics to the tune of Train song "Sister, Sister"
Learn how to use an anemometer to calculate wind speed (approx. 9 min.)
Bill Nye video on wind (23 minutes)
What is a meteorologist? (15 min.)
Clouds video (3 min. 39 sec)
Click here to view! 
NASA Connect: Difference between climate and weather - (4 min. and 37 sec.)
NASA Connect: Predicting Weather Using Satellites and Clouds (6 min.)
Types of Clouds Powerpoint
Bill Nye Video: Storms (22 min.)
Severe weather guide

Tornado Information and Safety Tips for Kids (approx. 6 min.)
Lightning Safety Tips and Myths Video -Canadian Meteorologist (2 min. 28 sec.) 
 How to Survive a Lightning Storm Video Clip (2 min. 7 sec.) --Cartoon
Tornado Safety Tips Video (4 min.)
Chapter 7: Rocks and Soil
 Lost your Chapter 7 packet?  Click here  
A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 7
A short fossil powerpoint
Rock Cycle & kinds of rock video (5 min. 32 sec.)
Rock song - lyrics to the tune of "Everybody Talks" by Neon Trees


Rock song-lyrics to the tune of "Still Fly" by Page featuring Drake.

 Rock song -  (1 min 52 sec)

cks and Minerals PowerPoint
This cutaway view of Earth shows where some common rock-forming processes occur. Embedded animations will illustrate the path of a rock moving through the rock cycle.
The Rock Cycle
Learn about rocks and minerals and their uses.
Sedimentary Rocks
Metamorphic Rocks
Igneous Rocks
Rock Hound Quiz
Here is a mineral gallery to show you various minerals.
Do some cyber prospecting on this site!
 What kind of soil is good for growing  plants? This video link will help you find the answer!
Chapter 8: Changes on Earth
Lost your Chapter 8 packet? Click here
A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 8
Review Earth’s layers with Wiz Kalifa song parody by Mr. Lee
A rap song to review weathering
Various Earthquake sites
Chapter 9: Natural Resources
Lost your Chapter 9 packet? Click here

Click here for the study guide for Chapter 9
A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 9
Video Clip: What are natural resources? (10 minutes 33 seconds)
Video clips to review the concepts from Chapter 9
 (McKnight no longer has a subscription for this site, so you would need to register for a membership for brainpop.)
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Song - gives example of each type
This is a video of two young girls making paper
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!
Pictures of items being reused
Video clip: What is pollution and how can we prevent it?  (7 minutes 49 seconds)
Use these cards to sort pictures of renewable and nonrenewable resources

Reading Rainbow:  How Trash is Recycled  (6 min. 32 sec.) 



 "Green Girl" shows us how to conserve water!

Chapter 10: Matter and Its Properties
Lost your Chapter 10 packet? Click here
 A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 10
A periodic table chart to learn about the elements and how they are organized
Scroll over the different elements on the periodic table and information about each element pops up
Great video clip of the periodic table-explains how table is organized and has a quiz to test yourself 
Website that explains how the periodic table is organized
Mr. Parr song for states of matter (song lyrics to the tune of "In the End" by Linkin Park)
Matter Chatter Song -explains solids, liquids, and gases
Matter Song (discusses changes in states of matter, and vocabulary)
Great video clip to review solids, liquids, and gases and their properties-has a song, and has a quiz to test yourself
Great video to review vocabulary- matter, mass, weight, density, volume, and tools to measure properties- has a quiz to test yourself
Game for reviewing properties of solids, liquids, and gases.  Also reviews changes in states of matter

Steve Spangler’scornstarch and water experiment from the Ellen DeGeneres show—

(Non-NewtonianFluid—solid when punched due to pressure/force, but liquid when poured)


Density experiment -Density Tower 
Density experiment with an egg and saltwater
Great video clip to review solids, liquids, and gases and their properties-has a song, and has a quiz to test yourself
Song for properties of a solid, liquid, or gas
Chemistry for Kids
Dirtmeister's Science Lab on Matter
States of Matter
Matter Quiz
Matter Game
Mr. Beaker (cartoon character) explains states of matter
Mr. Beaker (cartoon character) explains elements, atoms, molecules, and compounds
Chapter 11: Changes in Matter
Lost your Chapter 11 packet? Click  here
 A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 11 
Watch this video to view examples of physical and chemical changes.
Physical changes, chemical changes,  and mixtures song- lyrics to the tune of "Good Life" by One Republic) 
Song from Mr. Lee about elements, compounds, and mixtures
Video clip for mixtures and solutions-a bit more information than third grade level
Quiz: Is it a physical or chemical change?
Make a chemical change by making your own marshamallows!
Chapter 12: Forces and Motion
Lost your Chapter 12 packet?  Click here 

Click here for the study guide for Chapter 12
A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 12
Simple Machines
Simple Machines Information
Learn about the different types of simple machines using this site.  It is great for interactive whiteboards or for students to play individually or with a partner. As you play the game,  record information you learn about the simple machines.
Six simple machines
Examples of simple machines
Simple Machines Quiz
Simple and Compound Machines
 Dirtmeister's Simple Machines
Chapter 13: Energy
A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 13
 Chapter 14: Sound
 A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapter 14
Chapter 15: Patterns in the Sky and Chapter 16: The Solar System
Lost your Chapter 15 packet? Click here 
 A great website to review vocabulary and concepts for Chapters 15 and 16
A great demonstration of the cause for the  phases of the  moon
Learning about the moon and its phases
A song by Mr. Parr to review the phases of the moon

A video demonstration shows how the moon’s shape changes as it revolves around the Earth 

Learning About the Planets
 Learn about the space rover "Curiousity" which was sent to Mars  on November 26, 2011 and will reach "the red planet" sometime in August of 2012.  It is supposed to gather information as to whether there has ever been life on Mars, or if the planet could ever have life on Mars!
New planet discovered -Kepler 22b--It is very Earth-like but it is not in our solar system -Check out the report (Dec. 2011) 
 Use this site to play games to review information for the sun, moon, and Earth!
Find out your weight in space. 


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