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Supervisor of Elementary Education

James M. Bradley, Ed.D.

James M. Bradley, Ed.D.

Contact Information

James M. Bradley, Ed.D.
Supervisor of Elementary Education
Email: jbradley@northallegheny.org

Kathy Ward
Administrative Assistant
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Fax: 412-369-5895
Email: kward@northallegheny.org


Dr. James Bradley has been with the North Allegheny School District since August of 1994. After a successful experience as a fourth grade teacher working in the Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland, Dr. Bradley joined North Allegheny as a fifth grade teacher at Marshall Elementary School. Dr. Bradley then served as Lead Teacher and Assistant Principal at Marshall Elementary School before being appointed Principal of Marshall Elementary School in 2008. Dr. Bradley was appointed to his current position of Supervisor of Elementary Education in 2012.

Dr. Bradley earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, receiving his degree in Elementary Education. He completed his Master of Science in Elementary Education and received his certification as an Elementary Principal. Dr. Bradley earned his doctorate degree through completing the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program for Educational Leaders at Duquesne University. With this degree, he also obtained his Superintendent Letter of Eligibility. Dr. Bradley’s dissertation is entitled: Teacher Philosophy of Differentiated Instruction: Teacher Perception Compared to Principal Perception.

As the Supervisor of Elementary Education, Dr. Bradley oversees the day-to-day operation of the seven elementary schools and works closely with the Superintendent and the Assistant Superintendents to facilitate the various programs related to educating the elementary students of North Allegheny School District. Dr. Bradley serves on various District committees forwarding the vision of providing a strong educational foundation for the students of North Allegheny School District. Additionally, Dr. Bradley meets with the Elementary Advisory Committee (EAC) to collaborate with parents from all seven elementary schools. Parent representatives from each of the elementary schools meet with Dr. Bradley and the Assistant Superintendent of K-12 Education to facilitate communication between parents and administration.