200 Hillvue Lane, Pittsburgh, PA 15237

PHONE: 412-366-2100

Superintendent of Schools

Robert J. Scherrer, Ed.D.

Robert J. Scherrer, Ed.D.

Contact Information

Robert J. Scherrer, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools
Email: rscherrer@northallegheny.org

Sally Scherling
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Phone: (412) 369-5419
Email: sscherling@northallegheny.org


Dr. Scherrer serves the North Allegheny School District as the Superintendent of Schools. In 1996, he began his career in education as a teacher at Baldwin High School in the Baldwin-Whitehall School District. During his tenure as a classroom teacher he won the Pennsylvania Business Educator of the Year Award and developed an award-winning entrepreneurship program. In 2002, Dr. Scherrer became the Assistant Principal of Woodland Hills East Junior High School in the Woodland Hills School District and in 2003 he was named the Assistant Principal of Peters Township High School in the Peters Township School District. In 2004, he returned to the Woodland Hills School District and became the Co-Principal of Curriculum and Instruction at Woodland Hills High School. From 2007-2013 Dr. Scherrer served as a Principal in the Pittsburgh Public School District; first as the Principal of Allderdice High School and then as the founding Principal of the Pittsburgh Science and Technology Academy, a grades 6-12 magnet school focusing on STEM education. Dr. Scherrer was appointed as the Assistant Superintendent of K-12 Education for the North Allegheny School District in August of 2013. His current position involves overseeing all aspects of the District’s two high schools, three middle schools and seven elementary schools.

Dr. Scherrer received his Bachelor of Science degree in Business Education (1996) and Master of Education in Business Education (1999) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He completed his Secondary Principal’s Certification from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2001, his Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007 and his Doctorate of Education in Administrative and Policy Studies from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009. Dr. Scherrer’s dissertation focused on teacher evaluation.

Over the years Dr. Scherrer has been an active member of numerous professional organizations and associations and has presented at a number of national, state and regional conferences. He has also received a number of professional awards including the J. Kaye Cupples Award for administrators who exemplify outstanding inclusive practices, IUP Young Alumni Achievement Award, and a Pennsylvania PTSA Honorary Life Membership Award.

Superintendent Goals

Per the Pennsylvania School Code: The Superintendent shall be the chief administrative officer and chief instructional officer of the Board of Education and the School District, and shall be responsible for the execution of all actions of the Board, the administration and operation of the public school system subject to the policies of the Board, and the supervision of all matters pertaining to instruction in all the schools under the direction of the Board.

Annual goals of the North Allegheny School District Superintendent:

Student Growth and Achievement
Superintendent uses multiple data sources to assess student success and growth as appropriate, specific to needs within the district and as determined annually in collaboration with the Board of School Directors. Annual or other District performance objectives are articulated and clearly achieved under the direction of the Superintendent relative to State Standardized Assessments, PVAAS, and other locally determined measures.

Organizational Leadership
Superintendent has worked collaboratively with the Board to develop a vision for the District, displays an ability to identify and rectify problems affecting the District, works collaboratively with District administration to ensure best practices for instruction, supervision, curriculum development, and management are being utilized, and works to influence the climate and culture of the District.

District Operations and Financial Management
Superintendent manages effectively, ensuring completion of activities associated with the annual budget; overseeing distribution of resources in support of District priorities; and directing overall operational activities within the District.

Communication and Community Relations
Superintendent communicates with and effectively engages the staff, the Board, and members of the community, clearly articulating District goals and priorities, addressing local and broader issues affecting the District, and building support for District initiatives, programs, and short/long-range plans.

Human Resource Management
Superintendent incorporates best practices for human resource management and oversight, coordinating staffing, recruitment, and other human resource functions.

Superintendent models professional decision-making processes and ethical standards consistent with the values of Pennsylvania's public education system as well as that of the local community. Superintendent additionally works to individually reflect upon his effectiveness within the role, and works to improve effectiveness through the use of professional development literature and activities.