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Beginning Band and Orchestra

Beginning Instrumental Music Instruction is offered at North Allegheny in elementary school. Beginning instruction IS NOT available after 5th grade. Middle school Band and Orchestra are classes only available to students who have previously studied their instrument.

  • Beginning Band is offered in 4th and 5th grade only.
  • Beginning Orchestra (Strings) is offered in 3rd, 4th & 5th grades only.  
  • Eligible students have the opportunity to try instruments at the end of the preceding school year.  
This year's schedule for trying instruments is as follows:
 School Day & Date
 String Fitting
 Grades 2-4 
 Band Test-Drive
 Grades 3-4 
 McKnight Friday 5/20 Strings Room    Band Room
 McKnight / Marshall Monday 5/23 varies    varies
 Marshall    Tuesday 5/24 Strings Room Band Room
 Bradford Woods Wednesday 5/25 Stage LGI
 Peebles Thursday 5/26 Library Strings Room
 Hosack Tuesday 5/31 Rm, 3 Band Room
 Ingomar Wednesday 6/1 Strings Room Stage
 Franklin Thursday. 6/2 Cafeteria     LGI
To register your 3rd or 4th grade child for a Band Instrument Test-Drive, click here
To register your 2nd, 3rd or 4th grade child for a String Fitting (Orchestra), click here
To learn more about Beginning Band and Orchestra at North Allegheny, please visit one of these links: