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Elementary Ukulele Club

 Beginning Uke Group:
Lesson 1 - skills covered- Instrument care, parts, open strings, finger placement, tuning, strum ,C chord, F chord?
* Lesson 2 - Skills covered- Finger placement, C, C7, F, and G7 chord, strum patterns
* Lesson 3 - Fun Hawaiian tutorial , Madeline  Pots  G chord, Easy Tablature.
* Lesson 4 - This Little Light of Mine, G chord page 22, G7 chord page 16, C page 14., A minor chord 
* Lesson 5 -  Fun chord progression - C, Am, F and G7.   Calypso strum pattern, Tablature, Am and Dm (Joshua Fought)
* Lesson 6 -  Songs in Book 
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Past Advanced Lessons: 
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Ukulele Videos:
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