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PHONE: 412-366-2100

Substitute Teacher Rates at the North Allegheny School District
  • $90.00 per day
    • Days 1-90 (non-consecutive)
  • $110.00 per day
    • Days 91+ (non-consecutive)
  • Per diem rate of 70% of Step 1, pending Bachelor's or Masters Degree
    • Once worked 31+ consecutive days in the same assignment
  • NASD Retired Teachers: $125.00 per day
    • Per current protocol for emergency needs


How to Apply to be a Substitute Teacher

Substitute Teachers at North Allegheny School District are managed by the digital AESOP online system through the Northern Area Substitute Teacher Placement Service, located at A.W. Beattie Career Center, 9600 Babcock Boulevard, Allison Park, PA 15101.
1. If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, you can click this link and fill out this form online, then print a copy.
2. Follow the directions given in the file for completing your application packet. This would include applying for the required clearances (unless yours are within the last 12 months), I-9 and payroll identification as well as continuing credit requirements.
3. Contact Alison Paines at 412-847-1910 or email Alison.Paines@beattietech.com to make an appointment to submit your paperwork and be approved for substitute teaching.
4. Once you have been approved by Alison, your information will be added to the Aesop online system, and you will be able to see available jobs as well as be scheduled by staff.
What is Aesop? Aesop revolutionized the K-12 software industry as the first automated sub-calling system to offer both the phone and internet. Aesop has continued to grow as the fastest, most efficient and most flexible way to manage employee absences and get qualified substitutes into the classroom. -
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