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2013-2014 Diversity Expression Contest Winners
Each year, students in the North Allegheny School District have been confronted with the thoughtful challenge of finding a way to express their individual feelings about belonging and diversity through creative writing, music, or the visual arts. Year after year, students have produced excellent works of art to illustrate what they know about the importance of being both unique and accepted in the world.

The 2013-2014 Annual Diversity Express Contest, sponsored by the NASD Marcia Unity/Diversity Committee, was open to all NA students in grades K-12 in November and December. The winners for each grade-level and category are:
Fine Arts Design

Helen Mao - FES
Drawing– “Diversity is the Best”
Sponsoring Teacher – 

Katrina Evancho - FES
Musical Composition – “Today is the Day”
Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Donato

Merry Xiang - IMS
Painting – “Diversity in NA”
Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Warkaske

Vanessa Anthony – NAI
Drawing – “Together”
Sponsoring Teacher – Mr. Hawbaker

Aparajita Sharma – NASH
Drawing – “The Bangle Skyline”
Sponsoring Teacher – Mr. Hawbaker
Writing Design

Jack Paclawski - HES
Short story – “Basketball at N.A.
Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Ware

Samantha Podnar - PES
Poem – “One in a Million”
Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Schlosser/Ms. Cech

Cara Clark – IMS
Play – “Hidden”
Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Burg

Caroline Huang – NAI
Poem – “Forever and Always”
Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Hulme

Alexia Porche – NASH
Poem – “Is Not”
Sponsoring Teacher – Mrs. Esposito
A Diversity Contest Winners’ Reception will be held on Wednesday, March 26 at the Central Administration Offices prior to the evening’s School Board Meeting. Congratulations to this year’s winners!
Diversity Expression Contest